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Rome – Assisi - Loreto

From Rome to Assisi and Loreto, Italy is one of the main destinations of a religious journey.

rome-religioustour_lemarcheholidaySt. Peter’s Basilica in Rome represents the largest, richest and most spectacular church in Italy, containing spectacular works of art, including Michelanbgelo’s beautiful Pietà and Sistine Chapel. Here you can also visit the Vatican Grottoes (a burial place for popes) and the Vatican Museums that contain one of the world’s greatest art collections.

assisi-religioustour_lemarcheholidayIn central Italy you must also visit Assisi: a sleepy Umbrian hill town that has become an important spiritual centre. A short walk across the medieval town covers holy sites and artistic marvels that provide tangible links to distant past and to generations of devoted pilgrims. You can feel the spirit of St. Francis (patron saint of Italy), born here in 1181.

loreto-religioustour_lemarcheholidayDon’t miss to visit Loreto, commonly known as the seat of the Basilica della Santa Casa, a popular Catholic pilgrimage site.
Loreto’s main monuments occupy the four sides of the piazza: the college of the Jesuits, the Palazzo Comunale designed by Bramante, with an art gallery with works of Lorenzo Lotto and Annibale Carracci as well as a collection of maiolica, and the Shrine of the Holy House (home of the Virgin Mary).

We provide a wide range of services for individuals, groups and associations, creating specific packages at any time of the year and at affordable prices.
We also offer the opportunity to participate in papal audiences, to attend the celebration of the Holy Mess in St. Peter’s Square and all the events that can represent not only an opportunity for evangelization of youth and families, but also a moment for cultural growth.
In addition, we can also arrange accommodation in religious institutes such as convents, monasteries, abbeys and spiritual centres.

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