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Le Marche, Italy
+39 339 700 3885

Hiking with donkeys is a difference experience of get in contact with nature: we going to have the chance of slow down, to really look around and notice the details that fill our lives; the silence of the countryside that makes you take note of the chirping of a bird and the scent of the wind, a squirrel jumping at the top of a centuries-old oak tree, the colour and shapes that clouds take. The company of the donkeys is an unforgettable experience that touch in the heart. We are going to visit the medieval villages of Smerillo-Montefalcone Appennino and the magic forest that connects them rich of stories and secrets, and enjoying the panoramic views of the area.

    Date Description Price Capacity Number of persons
    Full-day hike Min: € 80 Adults: € 20 Kids: € 10 € 80 10
    Half-day hike Min: € 40 Adults: € 10 Kids: € 5 € 40 10

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