About Le Marche Holiday: Moreno’s Vision

This project has been developed by a young and dynamic team with the simple aim of proposing great ideas for your stay in our region, Le Marche. It is a virtual window on our beloved homeland a place where we are presenting our suggestions for a great vacation, from where to stay to those activities we ourselves enjoy doing and that are part of local tradition. You may be thinking of visiting Italy just for a few days or perhaps a longer holiday in an apartment or villa including a bike tour and visit to a winery…

Meet your Tour Guide: Moreno Moretti


moreno_morettiI would like to introduce myself. My name is Moreno, I grew up in rural Le Marche, and since childhood I have always loved the beauty of the countryside and the rhythms of the seasons.

This understanding and love of nature was taught to me by my grandfather from the time when, as a six year old, I wanted to miss school and help him feed the cows and the other animals on our small farm. And I did (milk the cows that is!)

and would carry the milk to my beloved grandmother so she could prepare our breakfast.

It sounds like something from a storybook now, but it was very much my part childhood and since then I have always known that I wanted to be involved in the countryside and its products.

Today, I work with my father whose large orchard specialises in the production of old varieties of apple, such as the Rosa Sibillini. This ancient strain of small apple was on the edge of extinction but we have managed to save and commercialise it. It has an intense scent, is very crisp and full of flavour and is truly rooted in local tradition. As a result of our commitment and the quality of our apples our small family business is now part of the Slow Food Movement. Our apples have featured in the Hall of Taste in Turin, Earth Mother (global meeting of food communities) and the best national gastronomic exhibitions such as The Italian Kitchen, Sapori & Traditions and Italy Today.

In 2006, I enrolled at the University of Macerata where I studied ‘tourism of the territory and rural development’. I had the good fortune here to know many important teachers such as the famous Change creator, Carlo Cambi, editor of The Gambero Rozzo and writer of many articles on Italian gastronomy and tourism. as well as professor Cavicchi famous investigator of the agrarian economy. Through my good friend Paolo Ciccioli l have also visited London where for many years he used to deliver fresh Marche truffles to many famous top UK restaurants.

I feel that thanks to my connection with this fantastic land, which I know so well, I can introduce visitors to some unforgettable experiences and memories, where the scenery and beauty of the countryside and the wonderful fascination of the Sibillini Mountains create a magical atmosphere for you to enjoy.


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