Have you been to Le Marche?

When people from all over the world think about Italy, they usually think of Tuscany, Rome, Naples, maybe Milan and its Fashion Week. They think about the great food and the great people.

There’s a place that’s as much as beautiful as Florence, its landscape as various as Tuscany’s, its people that always warm and welcoming. I’m talking about Le Marche Region.

With its great mountainside, the wonderful seaside, the gorgeous countryside, Le Marche has a lot to offer to the newcomer. If you’ll come to Le Marche you’ll be discovering new gems everyday, without the crowdedness of Rome or the slight feeling of deja-vu that you would expect from the gorgeous but extremely well known Tuscany countryside.

It’s always the right time to come to Le Marche. On our website you’ll find plenty of offers to rent a beautiful Villa at great prices for you and your family and/or group of friends. Our Activities and Days Out are just perfect to discover our Region in a funny and fulfilling way. And if you’re in the mood for a Tour, we’ll have you covered: just check out our great Slow Tours and come join us!

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